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Area Rug Washing

At Fabian's, the first step to washing is a detailed inspection of the area rug. Our Certi­fied Technicians will inspect each rug to find out where it was made, how it was made, what kind of face yarn, and what type of foundation yarn it has. Depending on how it is made and what it is made of will determine the type of washing will be used. Spe­cial care will be taken to wash handmade rugs, antique rugs and rugs that are prone to bleeding. We can clean orientals, hooked, braided, fringes, navejos, custom and dhur­ries.

Area Rug Cleaning

 Our Professional Cleaning Procedure:

Our Rug Care Specialists (IICRC Certified Technicans) will hand inspect your rug to determine color stability, condition of the rug and the best method of cleaning.

A High-Speed, Commercial Duster is used to loosen and remove particulate soil that is trapped deep down in the front and backing of your rug.
Area Rug Dusting

The rugs are washed with the proper cleaning methods and equipment. Cleaning includes hand washing, pet urine removal,mildew treatment, and a decontamination bath.
Area Rug Washing

Each rug is rack mounted and dried in our drying room.
Area Rug Cleaning

Each rug is vacuumed, individually rolled and prepared for pickup or free delivery.

There is an additional charge for the following treatments:
  • Your area rug being treated with Dupont Teflon.
  • Moth Proofing your area rug.

Master Rug CleanerArea Rug Washing Phone Numbers: 
  • 815-485-9326   
  • 815-727-1818 
If you are interested in our Area Rug Washing Services, call us for an appointment.


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