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Epoxy Before and AfterFabian's Flooring specializes in epoxy flooring for residential and commercial applications.

Epoxy flooring systems are for concrete areas where enhanced durability and custom beauty are required. They are designed to provide attractive, slip resistent, and cleanable surface for residential and comercial applications.

Fabians Flooring is here to help you every step of the way.

We offer free consultations for your home or business to show you how we can transform your worn out concrete floor into a seemless durable attractive floor.

Fabians uses a minimum dustless husqvarna machine to grind your floor.
We use high quality 100% solid epoxy. The customer has wide variety of color options to choose from.

Epoxy1. An estimate and consultation is conducted.
2. A color option is chosen by the customer.
3. The Grinding Process is initiated.
4. The process consists of removing all foreign contaminants such as oil stains, rust, or pre-existing flooring to its concrete raw state.
5. All cracks and spaldings are repaired.
6. 100% Solid Epoxy is applied.
7. The color option chosen by the customer is applied.
8. The Epoxy top coat is applied as the final step in the process.

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Epoxy Install


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