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Epoxy flooring systems are for concrete areas where enhanced durability and custom beauty are required. They are designed to provide attractive, slip resistent, and cleanable surface for residential and comercial applications.

Here are a few reasons why epoxy is one of the best options for your garage or facility:

epoxy concrete 021. Safety: The biggest benefit of epoxy is how much it helps increase safety and lower risks. Epoxy enhances visibility inside of your garage or facility because of its slight reflective property. Epoxy is also very resistant to slippage, temperature, heavy impact, and even fire! Not only does this maintain the safety of your employees, but also your building.

2. Strength and Resistance: Once the epoxy settles and hardens on the concrete it becomes incredibly strong. The lifespan of epoxy is only beat by concrete when it is sealed and maintained properly, but putting epoxy on top of your concrete is a smarter option due to its durability. Epoxy can withstand heavy machines, high impacts, stains, cracks, and different chemicals. No more worrying about random cracks due to dropping your tools!

3. Affordability: Compared to other types of flooring for garages, epoxy is hard to beat. Epoxy has some of the cheapest price per square foot options out there. The reason for this is because epoxy is applied directly over concrete and other floor types. The price is one of the biggest reasons epoxy has become so popular in the last 10 years!

4. Unlimited Designs: The amount of options you have for how you want your epoxy floor to look is practically limitless! You can see the long list of colors and types that you could chose from us here! Finding a design to fit whichever setting you need is easy!

5. Easy to Clean: Whether you are big car buff or have countless machines running on your floor, any oil spills or different chemical spills can be easily wiped up with a towel. No more worrying about having stains on your new floor.

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